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5.Status im: ICO Research (Published: 16th Jun, 2017)

In short, Status is a project aiming to be the WeChat and App Store for Ethereum. It is an open source messaging platform and mobile interface to interact with decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum Network. Its goal is to drive mass adoption of Ethereum by providing a user-friendly platform for people to get on board.
Status started in Q1 2016 and its alpha for both Android and iOS was released in January 2017, including various features like sending and receiving smart contracts, browsing a DApp directory like an App Store, and storing crypto-assets with the built-in Status Wallet.  

ICO review
The Status ICO is scheduled between 17 June to 1 July but then delayed to 20 July for more awarenesses on structures and procedures such as the dynamic ceilings. It is an highly anticipated ICO with over 9,000 members on slack, compared to 2,600 in the icocrypto subreddit. Its SGT (Status Genesis Tokens) distribution programme has gained significant supports with around 20 million SGT being issued (4% of the total supply of SNT). During the ICO, 51% of Status Network Tokens (SNT) will be issued to the public, of which maximum 10% will be allocated to the SGT.
The project could be a huge success as it has an ambitious goal of being the WeChat of the West with many features that are unparalleled in current messaging apps. In addition, as stated in the white paper, the co-founders has been working together for 6 years, while Status also has a long history of 1 year, compared to other ICOs. Besides, they have advisors like Viktor Trón from the Ethereum Foundation, who are reputable within the blockchain world.
To conclude, the Status project should be profitable for short-term flipping due to its high anticipation. It is also worth holding in the long term as well because it has a good team and industry revolutionising potential. However, there are still some concerns, like getting mass adoption is the key to success, and also they have listed many problems to be solved in the white paper. After all, with such an ambitious goal, the risk of failure is also high. This is a high risk high reward investment and therefore it is recommended to allocate a small amount of capital in the ICO.

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