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7.CM SECTORS: VERSION1 (Published: 19th Jun, 2017)

We have grouped the major altcoins based on their basic features/charactersetics. Please find below the list of first version of CM sectors-

Sector1: Privacy-based coins
Members: Monero, DASH, Zcash, Bytecoin
Features: Coins with untraceable transactions

Sector2: Asset-related platforms
Members: Ripple, Stellar, Bitshare
Features: Platforms allowing
-Transfer of any assets around the world quickly and cheaply
-Convert between fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies

Sector3: Application-building platforms
Members: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Stratis
Features: Platforms for developers to create blockchain applications.

Sector4: Typical currencies
Members: Bitcoins, XEM
Features: Typical coins for transactions

Sector5: Social media
Members: STEEM
Features: Decentralised social media platforms

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