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9.DASH (Published: 21st Jun, 2017)

DASH was originally developed in January 2014 as “XCoin”, then changed the name to “Darkcoin” on February, and finally rebranded as “DASH” in March 2015. It was a fork of Bitcoin and therefore had a very similar code structure. Nevertheless, with the improvements of developers, DASH now becomes an alternative to Bitcoin with a focus on privacy and fast transactions, and ultimately make digital cash easy to use and access for all users.
DASH uses a 2-tier network. The first tier is like the one in Bitcoin where miners create blocks. The second tier are consisted of “master nodes”, which require 1000 DASH as collateral, to perform specific governance and features like PrivateSend and InstantSend.
DASH is a decentralised autonomous organisation which acts as a “treasury system” to fund developments. 10% of the block rewards will go to the” treasury” to pay for development projects submitted from the community, where master nodes have votes to decide which projects to be approved.

DASH continues to aim for massive market adoption. A news on 8 June 2017 stated that late in this year DASH will release an upgrade to improve the user-interface in order to make it more user-friendly. However, before that, two proposals have been funded to make DASH more attractive.
The first one is a social media project which will include videos about fun and new usage of DASH. It will also include contests and giveaways in social media hashtags to incentivize growing global attention on Dash. At the same time, the second project is a new website DiscoverDash which contains the list of businesses accepting DASH worldwide. In addition, the website will also provide resources and guides to new users and merchants adopting DASH.

Apparently DASH is working hard towards market adoption, in spite of having a well-featured currency already. With the self-funding governance system, it is growing fast and healthily and has a high potential to capture some territories of Bitcoin.
The price of DASH has been rising again after a short falloff from March. With more upgrades to be released, its price is expected to be risen to a higher level. On the other hand, although it is similar to XEM as a digital currency, it excels in the marketing of massive adoption, and hence it should grow higher and it is recommended to buy it.

Even with the works of the development team, the adoption rate of DASH is still low. Investing in these kinds of “Bitcoin alternatives” is always risky as the competition is high and new coins with even better features are coming up every day. Essentially, DASH can lose its values if it cannot keep up with the competition. In addition, as critics stated, the fact that the DASH is running a network that pays masternodes and gives them voting power may lead to centralisation issues, making it even more difficult to market and raise the adoption rate

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