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17.Monster Byte: ICO Research (Published: 6th Jul, 2017)

Monster Byte Inc. is a Bitcoin gambling company founded in 2013. Since then, it has been generating revenue, increasing users and improving its products. Currently, it holds,, and, which are Bitcoin Casinos or Sportsbooks, and has around $500,000 Trailing-Twelve-Months revenue.

ICO review
There was a token presale on 3 July for 2,500,000 Monster Byte tokens with a 31.5% discount over the general sale. It was sold out in 5 minutes, raising around $200,000. The general  token sale will start on 6 July and 7,500,000 Monster Byte tokens will be sold with a cap of raising $1,025,000. The token sale will take place on the Waves platform, and token holders are entitled to receive quarterly dividends in Bitcoin, based on the profit of Monster Byte.
Gambling is always a huge business and Bitcoin gambling businesses are continued to be profitable, while also still gaining popularity. Since 2014, Bitcoin Gamblers have wagered $4.5 Billion in Bitcoin. Monster Byte seems to have a successful development since its establishment and unlike other ICOs, they have a relatively long history. Also, their token presale was sold out in 5 minutes, indicating that it is extremely popular among investors. In addition, as the Bitcoin gambling history keeps growing, Monster Byte is expected to have an even higher revenue in the coming years. Therefore, the tokens are suitable for both short term profit-taking and long term passive investment.
However, when the industry grows larger, it might face legal issues. In the future, they could be fatally affected by regulations of both Bitcoin and online gambling. Hence, investors, especially long-term seekers, should keep an eye on the regulatory sides to prevent potential loss.

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