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33.AMBISAFE (Published: 27th Jul, 2017)
Ambisafe is a platform for Ethereum asset management. It was founded in 2015 by Andrey Zamovskiy and Anton Tovstonozhenko, who had created the HolyTransaction, a cryptocurrency wallet. They also made significant contributions in several cryptocurrency projects, including Tether, Bitfinex, Expresscoin, and others.
Amibsafe provides a variety of services, among which the most notable one is the ethereum asset manager, which allow users to issue new and addition ERC20 tokens, multisig storage of ether and those ERC20 tokens, and managing the asset fees. Users do not have to possess any programming languages and everything will be executed with smart contracts via Amibsafe’s platform.
Another remarkable service is the White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet, which is capable for two modification. The first one is a Web Wallet and includes basic functions like sending, storing, exchanging tokens. The second one is an Investor’s Wallet, which allows receiving ICO investments and distributing tokens. The wallet can be installed on our own server with our own developers, but Amibsafe also provides branding, customization, and secure server configuration services for additional fee.
Setting up these services should be easy as they has simplified the procedures, while also allows customised configurations. Amibsafe is very flexible and thus if we want more details or tailor-made solutions, we will need to contact their experts and specify our own plans.



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