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39.QUICK GUIDE FOR BIP38 (Published: 08th Aug, 2017)
BIP stands for Bitcoin Improvement Protocol, and BIP38 is the 38th proposal submitted to the community and adopted as a mean of protecting user's’ private keys. In short, BIP38 is to encrypt your private key with a password so that others cannot get access to your account even if they have your private key.

How to get a wallet with BIP38?
Before getting the BIP38 wallet, you have to own a wallet with an unencrypted wallet import format (WIF) key. Then you can go to the generator to create your own BIP38 wallet by following the steps provided. In this website, you may find the detailed instructions for creating the BIP38 key. One important point to note is that not every wallet application or website support BIP38, which means that you cannot import your key to those addresses. You will have to use the ‘validate’ tab in the generator to extract the unencrypted WIF key before any transferal of your balance.


Important points to note
Never forget your password, otherwise your crypto are forever gone.
Remember to verify your new wallet before discarding your old paper wallet, otherwise you may refer to Note 1.

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