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51. TOKEN MARKET (Published: 24th Sep, 2017)
TokenMarket is a marketplace for tokens, digital assets and blockchain based investing. They do researches on and invest in tokenized assets. They help launch the crowdsale for blockchain projects and give backers a tradeable digital asset. They have assisted several companies with their ICOs and that’s the key service of them. They provide all-rounded assistance, including marketing, compliance (audit, KYC, AML), security, technology, brokerage and distribution. Successful examples are CivicStorjMonacoFirstBlood. Some of the team members are the advisors of several ICO projects such as FirstBlood and Stratis.
TokenMarket is creating a database for ICOs and cryptocurrencies, which welcomes companies to send in information and get their tokens listed. They notice people for upcoming ICOs and some may be placed higher place in their list, according to their evaluation.

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