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59. DFNITY (Published: 14th Oct, 2017)
DFINITY is a project that aims to apply blockchain technology in the field of cloud computing. The general idea is like Ethereum but they claimed to solve the current scaling problems of Ethereum and massively increase the computational capacity of Ethereum virtual machine by applying a new protocol called Threshold Relay Blockchain. This project was initiated and self-funded in early 2015 by Dominic Williams who later on joined String lab. The project received a seed round in early 2017 and currently holding an asset of >10M USD.

The project has claimed earlier this year that they will release the testnet and offer a hard capped ICO at 20M afterwards, sometime around the end of summer 2017. Currently the date for testnet release and ICO is still not published. Overall, judging from the developing team and backup capital, this is likely to become a successful project. Considering that they did not take chance of the ICO hype from June to September this year and they are planning on a hard capped ICO, we think this is a decent project and investors are recommended to stay tuned on their Rocket channel.

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