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66. MOBIUS (Published: 26th Oct, 2017)
Mobius is a set of protocols that connect internet developers to the blockchain network. It aims to become Stripe in the blockchain world: a simple and standard toolkit for developers to interact with different blockchains. Mobius is ambitious and has various functionalities.

First, it is providing a DApp store, which is similar to Apple App Store and Google Play Store with a lower fee. Any DApps accepted by Mobius will be listed on the store. Second, Mobius has a simple REST API that allows non-blockchain developers to interact with blockchains easily such as processing in-app cryptocurrency payment, governance, login, and so forth. Third, it wants to enable Smart Market in the long run, which allows devices to pay for themselves like IOTA. For example, electrical appliances can adjust their power consumption based on the electricity price at the time to minimise fees while optimising performances. To ensure a clean and reliable data input, Mobius has a Proof of Stake Oracle Protocol that requires oracles to lock-in certain amount of MOBI tokens. They will be rewarded for more tokens if the data is correct, and get punished otherwise so as to incentivise them to ensure a good data quality. The team of Mobius consist of three Stanford graduates: David​ ​S.​ ​Gobaud, Cyrus​ ​S.​ ​Khajvandi, and Monis​ ​Rahman. One of their advisor is Jed​ ​McCaleb, who is the Co-Founder of Ripple and Stellar.

The total supply will be 888,000,000 MOBI. 5% will be sold at a discount in a pre-sale. 30% will be sold in the ICO, 32.5% will be reserved for the community to grow and to reward contributors. The last 32.5% will be reserved for the company for R&D. The token sale will take place between November 8, 2017 8:00am PST to December 8, 2017 5:00pm PST with a hard cap of $39 millions. Pre-sale opens on November 6, 2017 at 5:00 pm PST and closes November 8, 2017 8:00 am PST. Compliance is powered by CoinList and all purchasers must be KYC/AML verified.

The scope that Mobius tries to cover is huge but the idea is impressive and it can certainly give an impact to mass adoption. However, the problem is that the team of Mobius is actually very small and they do not have significant experience in blockchain. The execution of the ideas will be tough and we are pessimistic about their future deliveries. Also, the amount they want to raise is huge. Their team does not have an experienced blockchain developer and it is very difficult to hire one in the market. This is an issue which money cannot solve easily. After all, the opportunity lies on their impressive idea on mass adoption, while the investment risk is the actual execution given the small and inexperienced team.

We will categorise Mobius as a high risk high reward investment as its value will be huge if it successfully implement all of the features. However, the biggest concern will be the unpromising team. They might take a long time or even unable to deliver in the end. Therefore, We will suggest only investing a small amount, or not at all, in the ICO and keep watching their updates. If new and promising team members join them, or they are able to unexpectedly implement things quickly and smoothly, it would be a good time to buy in.

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